Heed Yourself Retreats

New year's - Invest in YOU!

What a better time of year than now to make some commitments to invest in YOU! Yes, you - your health, fitness, flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance, mood, mindset, goal crushing approach to everything you do in your life! I’m accepting new clients for 2019 for those of you interested in working one on one or with me! I develop catered plans for your unique body and mindset, and together we roll! You can email me at heedfitness@gmail.com.

Also stay tuned for announcements on annual retreats (Bali July 2019!) and local classes and workshops in everything wellness! 


Heed Yourself Retreat in Bali Two Weeks Away - 2 Spots Left!

I can't believe we're so close - only 2 weeks away until Heed Yourself Bali Retreat!! I've poured some heart and soul into designing this retreat and cannot wait to share it with you all in a place that's very special to me, which I'm sure will be for you as well.

While it's coming up fast, I still have 2 spots left with some insanely cheap flights for those who like to make big, bold decisions for life! If you're that person - message me now! The rest of you, see you in Bali! Much love ~


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